The Re-UP: fear of a self-reliant Black Community


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Jobs are obsolete. Careers have ended. Yet I have a solution; indulge me.

Identify people from the so-called Black Community you know (even yourself) who are unemployed or underemployed.  Check their pattern: “APPLY, INTERVIEW, WAIT…WAIT…WAIT….APPLY, etc.”




Sound familiar?  I bet it does.

THE other “N-word”, NETWORKING.  Flocking to the possibility some were perplexed to hear more business opportunities, than how to snag that interview.  Politely, heads nodded; smiles etched painfully: disappointed, the pattern resumed endlessly…THE OLD FASHIONED WAY!


What if we changed our focus?  What if we engaged in a shift where the unemployed and underemployed pooled their talent, treasury and time to develop, purchase and manage businesses? Can you imagine the economic leverage?!  Synergy always engenders abundance.  Business development will ALWAYS profit those who invest and invent.

Imagine a completely intact self-reliant Black Community…

feels good don’t it

The RE-Up: Marching for Justice is a waste of time – let’s PLAN!


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Ok…if anyone is terribly shocked that Jordan Davis’ murderer was not charged with his death get your head out of the sand!  Just as Trayvon Martin, Emmitt Till and countless others who were lynched simply because they were Black Men, there will be more to come.  As racism has the dye cast, rooted and steeped in tradition, we realize we have been involved in a dysfunctional relationship with an oppressor; and ourselves.

As I checked my Twitter last evening I noticed Roland Martin intimating “let’s get ready for “the march!”


This is an old, predictable tactic.  Marches ability to stymie or shake racism to the core fail to eradicate racially hostile schools and communities.  In the words of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. who lead marches in Harlem boycotting bus companies who scarcely hired African Americans and stores that only allowed Black People to shop but not work in stores they could shop in; “eventually get on people’s nerves!” Referencing the March on Washington in 1963, Powell mentioned that he not only used that tactic 20 years prior, he zoomed in on the title of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream”, stating that his speech would have been entitled…


A PLAN!  That means the first order of operations is to CEASE AND DESIST all strategies, efforts, and works to “break into” a dysfunctional relationship with an oppressor that has long since moved on.  Crashing glass ceilings and ivory towers may have eked some of us into a position to help; yet rarely enough to saturate where the benefit was leveled, let alone satisfied. If only WE went that hard for our own institutions…oh that’s right: WHAT ARE THEY?!

**Think about it, if you had all the money and power in the world off the backs of someone else, even if you knew it’s wrong, would you be that willing to write a check to eradicate a “moral debt?!”

I’ll wait.

Other ethnic cultures of color got a clue early.  Not to oversimplify African American’s struggle in this country, yet I notice a completely different mindset among West Indians, Africans and Haitians. Don’t get me wrong, some African Americans get it in the midst of hard core, ingrained institutional racism. Yet I see these ethnic cultures of the African diaspora becoming franchisees or creating businesses to build wealth as an affront to unfair hiring practices.  I see neighborhoods being developed and purchased. A school for allied health careers was created and taught by Nigerians as to serve their own who encountered educational challenges.  Years ago a local teacher started a preparatory school with an Afro-centric curriculum, taking so-called “at-risk” kids and converting them into scholars.

From another perspective East Indians in my neighborhood have erected several temples and strip malls with stores that cater to the needs and culture of East Indians; only.  Native Americans who an oppressor literally obliterated off the face of the country are doing more than casinos…they have the payday loan business on lock!

So if we really want to honor Jordan Davis’ life, if we really want to get serious about the true enhancement and enfranchisement of African Americans be clear:






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I know recovering drug addicts who have become addicted to the group counseling process.  Aware that one group counseling series does not make everything “ok”. Yet, self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant coins a phrase that characterizes some of these as being “stuck in his or her story.”  It’s that victim mentality that pervades all we do, don’t do, and refuse to do to get past our hurts and pains.  It drives everything we say or disbelieve.  No matter whether the solution is at grasps reach we have a fully substantiated rationale as to why it won’t work; even if we haven’t tried it.  Granted this isn’t indicative of addicts only; we’ve been there a time or too.  We’ve felt as if this brick wall we keep running into is following us on purpose.  “Two steps forward; five steps back!”  I know I’ve uttered that in my life.  Then there was that timeless epiphany.  You know the one: “that’s it”; “I’m tired”; and the ever declarative, “I’M DONE!”

So I wonder when so-called African Americans will be done?!  We’ve known what the enemy has been for way too long.  That brick wall isn’t necessarily following us more than it exist because our strategies no longer impact change.  Continuing to use old, outdated ineffective methods (marches, begging speeches, what the man did wrong forums, etc.) is a disservice to our ancestors.  The time is for doing. Go get your son or daughter off the block.  Turn off the television and devise a thorough, strategic plan.  Start your OWN school where you know your children will be educated properly and treated fairly. Start and develop businesses that support the so-called Black Community, serving as an opportunity for men and women who are released from incarceration to work as to remain out of the prison industrial complex.  Marriage has to remain THE #1 institution for completion and security of the so-called Black Community.  We must get beyond this infighting and hating of each other (“black males ain’t ish” and “black females are -itches”) and see the humanity of each other; and why we must work together to make it right.

To proclaim I have all the answers is ludicrous.  Yet I see myself as a solution-focused person.  Waiting for the next black leader is futile.  Waiting for the next professional athlete or entertainer to drop a check in the so-called Black Community to make everything better, in the words of Brother Malcolm X, “is unintelligent!”  Believing that President Obama hasn’t done enough for the so-called Black Community is the same mentality that has us stuck on the struggle; because the story and the struggle has become more glorified than the WORK that is required…

to be FREE.