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On the OWN Network’s television show Oprah’s Next Chapter Oprah sang the praises of Robin Thicke: Doting father; loving husband.  Born into privilege, the talented singer and songwriter was also for a time in his life a heavy cocaine user who a little less than a few years ago was arrested in New York for firing up in his car. The child of a popular Hollywood actor and songwriter-Mom, Oprah gave Thicke a proverbial pass for the lyrics of the 2013 song of the summer, “Blurred Lines”.  The original video which sported three topless women was eventually edited with three women prancing around in flesh tone underwear under a plastic jumpsuit of sorts.  Add Happy’s Pharrell and the ATL’s T.I. and you have 2013’s most memorable exploitation of women in a music video (maybe a close second to Nelly’s sliding a credit card down the crack of a woman’s azz; but I digress).

Where most Black male celebrities have to be damn near perfect, stellar and non-threatening to get a glimmer of praise (especially as she has branched out to talk to…RAPPERS!) it seemed that Robin Thicke’s saving grace was being married actress Paula Patton.  The biracial woman (in America…that means BLACK) Patton and Thicke have been together since high school and recently announced their separation.  A little shocking? Meh.  No surprise? Exactly.

During Oprah’s interview Thicke mentioned the “parties” the couple sponsored after award events. Viewing a brief clip of the couple just before the festivities, Patton smiling devilishly helped one realize what type of party was poppin’ off (no pun intended…weeellll, maybe).  Add rumors that the two had an open marriage, and a few pictures of White man behaving badly with other women and voila! Off to divorce court we go.

Well, I hate to see such a long standing relationship and marriage come to an end.  And maybe Thicke received a “Black card” for being married to a bi-racial Black woman.  Or maybe his ability to appeal to the so-called Black community and his being comfortable with the brothers and sisters was nice for a while.  But for all intents and purposes Thicke possibly realized he was missing out on something that he took for granted: his White privilege.  Maybe he woke up and decided it was better to be who he was and move forward with a woman who more fully understands that at the end of the day that I am a White Man with privileges that I will continue to miss out on married to a Black Woman.  

Hey Hey Hey Oprah…what say ye?!