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thickeOprah’s feminist stance faded to black during her interview with R & B (Blue Eyed Soul) sensation Robin Thicke.  As the discussion of the original video for the hit song “Blurred Lines” sported topless women (which was later modified) the “girls and women” self esteem police seemed to settle back with a doughnut and an “I love that song!”  One woman’s reaction referenced the song as sounding “rapey.”  But everything seemed to be played off like it was…cool!  Maybe it’s because he’s married to an African American actress (Paula Patton; if you want to get technical, her mother is White so that would make her “biracial a.k.a Black in the U.S.).  Or maybe because he such a nice White boy who means absolutely nothing when one of the lyrics in the song is “You’re the hottest bitch in this place!”  Oh and please be advised that one of the lyrics in rapper T.I.’s part is “split you in two!”  Yet none of this was broached.  Oprah just lovingly poured over Robin as a man, husband and father.

Just curious Oprah.  If Robin Thicke were a Black Man, would the conversation had been more damning and condemning?