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scandalRemember BET channel’s show “Uncut” – a programming of videos too risqué for daytime television? The infamous Nelly video, “Tip Drill” was aired with him sliding a credit card down the crack of a woman’s ass drew ire from Black women in particular. Spelman College students were so incensed they asked for a conversation with the rapper before the fundraiser for his late sister who was battling cancer; he was a no show; they said “Hell No!” Interesting.  Most brothers saw those sisters as “hatin” or being too “sensitive.”  In a nutshell, not too many brothers were mad at Nelly; entrenched in the mentality that the video “ho” didn’t resist and was fully capable of saying “No” – well go ‘head blaming the victim.

So why are so many Black men exhibiting such anger toward Kerry Washington’s character, crisis manger Olivia Pope in the popular “Scandal” television series?  I’ll take as much as an objective stab at it with a subjective twist.  The Brothers Have A Problem With A White Man Being Portrayed As All Powerful Over A Successful Black Woman.  There I said it!  Now, let’s compare and contrast:

Nelly, a real-life Black Man of means had absolutely no problem demeaning a Black Woman for the world to see; how many Brothers got in his shit for that?!!

A fictional White president of the United States is having a sexual affair with a Black Woman for the world to see; and Brothers are in her shit for that?!

Gonna holla?!  Holla about it all!!!!