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open season on Black boys/men…we got to get our families back intact…we must become whole, get over our Black Male/Female BS, make and maintain marriage as a value that is taught, guided and secured.  We need Black Men to get their sons off the corners and be a presence in schools OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!!  Enough!  I’m not a mother, but for all Black mother’s who have sons, if their fathers are willing to father, allow them; we have to stop feminizing our boys and get them actively involved in manhood training without our interference.  We must build communities with support and justice meted the way “we” used to do it back in the day – your child was my child.  We protected each other and it has become painfully evident that anyone who “thinks” a Black boy/man is “suspicious” according to prejudice, racism and bigotry has the right to kill!  This is a sad commentary; one that has never really gone away…endorsed, supported, and real.  ‪#‎pissed‬ (Dad, I know you did not think it ladylike to use that word…but that’s how I feel)