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huh“Stupid is as stupid does” ~ The Tao of Forest Gump

Let me be the first to admit that as a fellow human being I’ve made “interesting” choices in life.  Ok…I have on occasion “messed up” LOL!!  However, there came a time that I had to snap out of it and grow up.  Whether it was the controlling relationship I was in or realizing that some of my “friends” really were playing me I had a choice to make: START BEING SMART!

Thus, here’s ten reality checks you may be able to relate to:

1. The “jerk” in he or she was evident when they acted foul in front of you; BELIEVE THEM!!

2. Manipulating situations to get your way will eventually blow up in your face: BOOM!!

3. Sex alone NEVER kept anyone around longer than they needed (i.e. YOURS AIN’T SPECIAL)

4. Lies DO catch up with you; and chances are the people around you…ALREADY KNOW!

5. GOT PARENTS?  Refer to #4.

6. People eff-up your life?!! N0, they took advantage of your bad choices and KEPT IT MOVING!

7. EVERYONE is out for self!

8. CRAVE DRAMA?! Take acting classes; no one is interested in your BS!

9. BLOCKING…is a sign of insecurity.

10. If you can honestly say you have never talked about someone GETTING ANGRY AT SOMEONE WHO IS TALKING ABOUT YOU IS…FUTILE!

The list is not exhaustive…add as many as you deem fruitful so that we may all become UNSTUCK!