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HAIR!  A Black woman’s hair is important in the so-called Black/African American community.  Length, thickness, straightness are qualities that got a woman noticed.  In other words “nappy” hair was seen as  unattractive no matter how wonderful the woman wearing the do was inside.  Unfortunately a woman’s love and character could be shadowed by the condition of her hair.  Well I guess I’m in BIG trouble…because my long, thick, and straight hair is about to become nappy: CAUSE I’M GOING TO WORKOUT!!!

Yep, sweat, or as my trainers like to say, “Sweat is your fat crying” is about to drench my hair.  For there are many Black women who are foregoing workouts in the spirit of maintaining their hairstyles; yet increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and/or hypertension – all which run rampant in the so-called Black/African American community.  My family throughout generations have suffered and/or died from these diseases.  So, for me it’s a no-brainer.  I manage diabetes and high blood pressure and my long, thick hair – simultaneously.  I’d rather live with the ability to do my hair again, than die with my hair looking good in the casket.

Ok, my time is up!  Got to go get this 5k training done!