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malcolm shabazzAdded to the long legacy of death among the men in Malcolm X (Shabazz) family is Malcolm Shabazz; his grandson. Early reports state that Shabazz was in Mexico and was being robbed; but he resisted and beaten by his perpetrators.  Some may call it poetic justice as this young man as a 12 year old set his grandmother Betty Shabazz’s apartment on fire in a rebellious act; not thinking she would come through the fire to save him; losing her life in the process.  Shabazz went to jail and emerged, later admitting his demons and troubles.  His great-grandmother (Malcolm X’s mother) suffered from mental illness; and his mother Qubilah Shabazz experienced challenges, as she was arrested for allegedly plotting to kill Minister Louis Farrakhan who has long been accused of being a co-conspirator in the assassination of his grandfather.

Like many families grieving the sudden death of their loved one the Shabazz Family must be in a deep state of wondering “why”.  However, the “why’s” are not laden with calls for freedom and justice for so-called Black/African American people by his great-grandfather Earl Little, a staunch Garveyite and Pan-Africanist, or his grandfather Malcolm X.  No.  I believe Malcolm Shabazz longed to be loosed from the freedom legacy that seemed to choke him at every turn.  Whether unfair expectations to be the heir apparent were evident in the tone and timber of revolutionaries past; or the hope and fantasy of Malcolm X’s unfinished business being carried out dutifully.  Malcolm Shabazz’s short life and living taught us one thing; each man must manifest his own destiny.  And maybe he just wanted to exist according to nothing other than the relevance of the question, “Is Malcolm X your grandfather” being responded to with a finite, simplistic…”yes”.

Rest in peace young brother…rest in peace.