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“I knew something was wrong when a pretty little White girl runs into a Black man’s arms, something is wrong here!”

The words of Charles Ramsey recounting the events that lead up to the rescue of Amanda Berry, her daughter and Gina De Jesus reminded us that the utopic post-racial society has failed to permeate.  Mr. Ramsey unwittingly turned this idea on its head further exposing what so-called Black/African American people have been living for centuries; nothing has changed.  Our election of President Obama did not change it.  Scores of African American first and foremost didn’t change it.  Upwardly mobile African Americans didn’t change it.  Nope.  Charles Ramsey’s assist in rescuing these young women did more to provide a birdseye view of how Amanda Berry freed herself.  He opened our eyes to the racist attitudes that are alive and well and exist in the United States of America.

So if you’re ever inclined to urge that everything is different and alright compared to “yesteryear”, check in with  Mr. Ramsey.  Clearly this man understands the rules; and like too many of those living in a “post-racial society”, they haven’t broken those rules long enough…to get it.