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Porsha Stewart, formerly of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) and soon to be ex-wife of former NFL great Kordell Stewart is inadvertently teaching young women that coming into a marriage with your looks and…your looks is rarely sufficient to maintain a relationship; let alone a marriage. Now you may say come on; do you really believe it was a simple as “dime piece meets trophy man?!” Ahhhhh…yeah; it was.

I have a few female friends who “married well”; however, all have career, educational, and/or philanthropic pursuits. All are beautiful externally; yet their intellect, intelligence, purpose, and drive secured a lifetime membership with a man of substance. So before you rattle off all the things a man has to have to be with you, ask yourself, “What am I bringing to the table?” One may speculate that Porsha wanted her own as she once danced in music videos and was looking to be self sufficient. Then came the knight in shining armor; BINGO! Kordell, the ultra-traditional, seemingly sexist controlling man lavished her. She loved it. She married him. She forgot one cardinal rule: he who has the gold, rules the world.

During Women’s History Month understand this ladies: GOD BLESSES THE CHILD WHO’S GOT HER OWN. Educate yourself. Save your money; monitor your credit. Love yourself beyond your external features. Allow a man to treat you with the UTMOST respect; and be of the ultimate knowledge no matter who he is…


Blessings, Porsha.