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Dear January 1:

Welcome back!  I must say you are a dutiful soul; a constant presence in our lives.  Each year 12:00 am sharp you arrive in stellar fashion: champagne, loud music, fireworks, marriage proposals, and babies born.  The hoopla surrounding your day is engulfed in promises of change; a change that honestly makes me wonder this morning.  For the litany of resolutions and goals anew will birth and create a bevy of lists:  lose more weight, curb spending, find our life’s passion. There will be purging ex-files, pledging to never return to him or her, ever.   Announcements of finishing degrees, adjusting attitudes, attending 12-step programs or any other self-improvement revelations engender a notion of renewed and revived vigor! However, January 1 I beg of you one question:

Will we commit?

There seems to be something in the depths of our psyche that convinces us that the air in the universe will be radically different from last year, January 1.  Once the haze of the hangover subsides will we feverishly pursue the goal of obtaining a well-deserved raise and promotion; or leave it to someone who actually believes they deserve it?  Will the dust and ashes of our ex-files remain disposed of during the lean and lonely times; or will we welcome a man or woman into our lives who will love us passionately and unconditionally?   Will the list of things to “change” get lost in the pile of bills, notices, and reminders; possibly cozying up to the list of changes past?  I believe there’s only one way to know for sure:

keep it simple and emulate the inevitable; YOU!

Happy 2013, January 1!  See you next year; same time, same place, …committed.