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Good Morning Ladies,

Pride!  That was the feeling that rushed my soul when the both of you walked on stage with your Father during his re-election.  As you are growing into wonderful young ladies who are taking life one step at a time, continue to focus on education, finer womanhood, and enjoying being girls.  In turn as African American women we will continue to carry ourselves with grace and dignity.  Regardless of the negative images that seems to inundate television and the Internet of women of color, continue to look to your Grandmother, your Mother, and Yourselves.  This is not to put down these women; they clearly need direction – the direction you have received all your lives.  The type of direction I received from my parents, and the strong, positive Black Women in my life.

Now I have made mistakes in life; you will too.  But know you have options – options to do the right thing.  For one day you will be on your own, left to make these decisions out of the periphery of Mom and Dad.  However, I guarantee if you continue to rely on your solid foundation and your strong and vibrant minds, you will soar!  We will strive to be role models so that you will be surrounded with images of Black Women that scream self-love, heightened self-esteem, and beauty from inside out!

To Sasha and Malia: BLACK GIRLS WHO ROCK!!