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Once upon a time, Black Folk took care of business – in spite of Jim Crow, blatant racist attacks (physical, sexual, psychological).  In spite of financial and educational disenfranchisement, Black Folk used to take care of one another.  “We were family.”  It’s time we rekindle that spirit to a higher level; we have a Black President who needs our help.

Many Black Folk complained that President Obama “didn’t do anything for us”.  Really?!  I wasn’t aware he was supposed to.  Am I saying that the politics and policies of this country have been welcoming to Black Folk?  No.  Am I saying that life for Black Folk has been and can be cruel and demeaning to Black Folk?  No.  Am I saying that my ancestors and my parents weren’t messed with solely for their skin color, on the job and in life?  No, not at all.  In fact, egregious,fucked up things happened to my parents during their childhood in the southern regions of this country; things they took to their grave.

Yet my parents also enjoyed a segregated school system.  Huh?!  What the hell are you talking about?!  Glad you asked.  My parents belief was that integration “messed us up”.  In other words, all their teachers looked like them and had their best interest in mind.  Unlike today, teachers, parents, preachers, doctors, and laborers worked and lived in the same community.  Everyone knew each other – there was an expectation of excellence in academics and moral behavior!  Essentially, ANYONE could straighten you out if you got out of line.  My Mom said to me, “We didn’t necessarily want to be in school with Whites, we wanted the same updated buildings, books and resources that their children were getting; the type of school resources that were denied to schools where my parents attended. Yet my parents were literate, reading obsessed people.  Less concerned with material possessions for their daughters; but more long term goals like college – a goal that was given to me instead of asked if it were something “I” wanted to do.

So What Must Black Folk Do to truly support President Obama:

1. Ask President Obama how you can help: we all have talents and abilities – it doesn’t require a degree of education; just a degree of heart.

2. Challenge President Obama by bringing a solution, instead of a complaint.

3. Become a resource for President Obama – take control of your families, your communities, and your schools by being actively involved; this provides President Obama an inside view and understanding to how he can be of assistance.

I cried when President Obama was deemed the projected winner…again!  I woke up the next morning feeling like I needed to challenge myself more…again!  Congratulations President Obama – you are supported!

…and I approve this message