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Ladies…there’s nothing more frustrating when your man is talking to you about a problem, you offer a suggestion, he blows you off – then you hear his “boys” offer the same solution, and he says “Thanks”!  A women’s universal reply, “Didn’t I just say that?!”

Fast forward to former President Bill Clinton tell it like it is speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention!  A well delivered and researched declaration, everything he said was nothing short of what President Obama has been trying to say over the past four years.  So why did we get so excited when it came from Clinton versus Obama?  Simple: Bill Clinton is a White man.  Period.

By virtue of being White and male he has instant credibility.  He could be lying through his teeth, or cleaning up the lies of the Republican Party (as he did so eloquently last evening); hell, he got caught out there in the White House in the worst way (a la Monica Lewinsky)!!  Yet, Bill Clinton remained in office, and is still highly regarded as one of the best presidents America has ever elected. President Barack Obama ranks just as high. Yet no matter how much direct White ancestry President Obama has, his father was a Black African; and at the end of the day his coloring says Black man.

While there are many arguments regarding President Obama’s blackness being enough for the so-called African American community, former President Clinton’s support of these same tenets President Obama  has posited since 2008 seem far more palatable when coming from a White male.  I’m pretty certain that President Obama was listening and saying to himself, “Didn’t I just say that”, just for the country to come out of their amnesiatic state and cheer Clinton on with reckless abandon.  Hmmmm…

Oh well, par for the course.  Maybe now the people of America get it…as long as someone other than President Obama is telling that truth.  Get ready Mayor Julian Castro.

p.s. I wonder how these past four years would have been hailed if the president’s father was White?