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Reality TV and the African American Woman…thanks Omarosa focused on my growing disgust of how African American women are portrayed on Reality TV.  The latest display of degradation is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Blatant disrespect of women by a man who has all the money, homes, cars and amenities – and basically keep women around as a large part of his concubine.  Yeah, I said it!  Now, no one treats you badly unless you allow them too; so the onus is on these women as well.  What’s sad, with the exception of the singer who made the mistake (as many have in the past) of getting involved with her music producer, the remainder of the cast seem to live off of the man they either have a child(ren) with; are hopelessly waiting for him to “change”; or believe sexing him will bring them just that much closer to success.  NOT!

Want success?  Hone your craft!  I don’t care if you are the baddest hairstylist or a top-notch attorney!  I don’t care if you do old school babysitting at your house or own a daycare!  Educate yourself! Read!  Work smart!  Save YOUR money!  Looks are a wonderful thing, but as my mother used to say, looks fade.  When the weave no longer is becoming, and the excessive makeup makes you appear older than you are, and no matter how much you work out that little piece of fat refuses to disappear (calling all Spanx, LOL!) and the man who has his money and career together selects a woman “on his level” – none of the ranting and raving about where he’s been and who has he been with will rate.

As mentioned in prior post, no naiveté – as my cousin said this morning, “It’s entertainment”.  Yet, it’s no longer entertaining!  In the meantime, place your daughters in front of the television the next time First Lady Obama, Dr. Maya Angelou, or Dr. Condoleeza Rice are on.  Have you daughters talk with older women in the community, family and your spiritual home to understand what finer womanhood is all about.  Regardless of how sad the women on this “reality TV” show appear to be, as responsible women we must pray for them…thanks Omarosa!