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A few months ago I reported sentiments from many of my African American male friends regarding what they need from African American women.  It’s only fair that the scales become balanced and we let you know how we are thinking and feeling; essentially, this is not an indictment or blame game; just what we need from you:

1. Be there: Five minutes of your attention goes a long way

2. We appreciate how hard you work; but when your career takes overwhelming precedence in your life, we feel abandoned

3. Listen

4. Listen

5. A smart and intelligent Black woman has the capacity to allow you to lead; we crave your direction

6. We make mistakes; allow us the grace to get it together

7. Speaking our mind rarely means we are whining or being “emotional”…this is how we assert ourselves

8. Communicate

9. Communicate

10. When you lead, we will follow; especially when you know where you are going

WE WANT YOU!!!  WE NEED YOU!!!….weigh in

Jill Scott’s “I need you”